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Treatment failures

Treatment failures

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From: paulrevere46052 []
Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2002 10:04 AM
Subject: [EnergeticMedicine] SCENAR Therapy Failures


To:  Energetic
From:  Paul Honan

Subject:  SCENAR Therapy Failures

Most patients treated with SCENAR therapy demonstrate improvement in
their conditions.  Some cases have little or no improvement.  There is
encouragement in the many successes suggesting that the body can heal
itself of almost any disease condition. 

In many diseases certain cellular elements have been destroyed.  Can
these cells be regenerated?  How many treatments, frequency of
treatment, special techniques are needed?

Ina age related macular degeneration (AMD) the retinal photoreceptors
have been destroyed.  According to the vascular theory, compromised
rasculature (arteriosclerosis) in the choriocapillaris the vascular
supply to the macular photoreceptor cells is the cause of AMD.  Does
the Russian literature present angiographic evidence of recovery or
improvement of AMD?

Compromised vasculature in the optic nerve aggravated or enhanced by
elevated intraocular pressure is our theory of the etiology of open
angle glaucoma.  Neural elements are destroyed.  Can these elements be

Can demylenated nerve fibers of multiple sclerosis be regenerated?

Previously when I have inquired about the treatment of specific
conditions I have been reminded and re-reminded that removal of
asymmetries by treating the 3 pathways, 6 points and horizontals is
the biofeedback technique for the body to heal itself.  Can cellular
elements that have been destroyed be regenerated?

What are the recommended frequency of treatments and specific
techniques for regeneration of the pancreas, adrenals, thyroid and

Some of my failures include Sjogren's, age related macular
degeneration and retinal vascular occlusions.  Some cases of hay fever
are completely relieved and some only partly relieved of symptoms. 
Advise would be appreciated.

The ability of animals to regenerate (replace lost tissue with more of the same) varies with the species.  Becker has shown that even animals that don’t normally regenerate (he used a rat) can grow new limbs when stimulated with the proper amperage and frequency of negative current.  The rat grew a new arm down to the elbow.  It could not complete the job because the current used did not convert enough normal cells to stem (embryonic) cells.

Traditional medicine feels that cells differentiate into whatever type cells they are and cannot change back to an embryonic cell.  However, Becker has shown that with the proper current, most cells can de-differentiate!  In the frog, amperages of one billionth of an amp would cause the RBC to de-differentiate, but higher amperages would not work.

It has been shown by Popp and Puthoff that light (electromagnetic frequencies/energy) is stored in the DNA of the body.  It is this light and its specific frequency that tells the DNA how to control the chemistry of the body.  This probably is part of the same thing Becker showed about how to modify the cell’s DNA.

If we happen to use the proper frequency, amplitude, voltage, and amperage, we will cause cells to de-differentiate back into stem cells = now the body can replace the lost neurons (or other tissue).  The problem is that we know very little about the “proper frequency, amplitude, voltage, and amperage”.  The advantage of the SCENAR is that it sweeps through these things with variable frequencies, amplitude, etc.  It also constantly changes its damping and uses biofeedback to make each signal different than the one before.  Thus the likelihood of hitting the right “button” to cause de=differentiation is increased.

We can pray that funding for more research into the characteristics of this regeneration current is made available.  Once that is known, we can repair/replace damaged organs at will without using someone else’s stem cells and we, like the salamander, will be immune to cancer.

Jerry Tennant


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